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Generously funded by the Joseph Levy Foundation, this project is focused on the dissemination and measurement of an evidence-based, parent-mediated intervention for young children with autism and disruptive behavior (Bearss et al., 2015) in the community. The current project is an innovative collaboration between the 

Autism Child & Family Lab and the Computerized Neurotherapy Lab.

In the context of this project we are training clinicians in the public sector (e.g. HMO's, regional special education offices) in the intervention and are developing a novel mobile application to facilitate measurement of both the delivery and impact of the intervention. We aim for both the intervention and the application to remain in use in the community after the project is completed. 

[Some of] what we've learned:

Publications are here

Israel Society for Child Development Conference, 2021 (Hebrew)

Clinic R 2 Z.png

Israel Meeting for Autism Research, 2021 (English)

Screenshot 2021-10-21 202433.jpg

Israel Meeting for Autism Research, 2021 (English)

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