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Muna Abd El-Raziq

Muna is a postdoctoral fellow in the lab and a speech-language pathologist with extensive experience working with young children with autism. Muna is completing her PhD in the Clinical Linguistics program at Bar Ilan University, where her doctorate focuses on linguistic profiles in Arabic-speaking children with autism. Outside of her professional pursuits, Muna finds joy in walking/running in the early morning and witnessing the sunrise.

Recent Presentations and Publications

Abd El-Raziq, M., Meir, N., & Saiegh-Haddad, E. (2023) Lexical skills in children with and without autism in the context of Arabic diglossia: Evidence from vocabulary and narrative tasks. Language Acquisition, DOI: 10.1080/10489223.2023.2268615

Schaeffer, J., Abd El-Raziq, M., Castroviejo, E., Durrleman, S., Ferré, S., Grama, I., ... & Tuller, L. (2023). Language in autism: domains, profiles, and co-occurring conditions. Journal of Neural Transmission, 130(3), 433-457.

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